Friday, October 18, 2013 Warns Veterans Against Ripoff Schemes takes the rights of veterans seriously. Our staff started because we care about our nation's heroes. We want them to get all of the honors and rewards they deserve. That's why we are constantly working to protect them.

It's also why we want to take time today to warn them about ripoff schemes that are used to target veterans, so that they can prepare and protect themselves.

Ripoff artists know that veterans are often desperate to take advantage of the federal benefits owed to them. They also know that the adjustment to being back in the homeland can be difficult, which is what makes them think that veterans may be easy targets for a ripoff scheme.

The most common type of ripoff that targets veterans is a letter that appears to be written on government stationery, promising to expedite benefits if they send in a fee. This is always a ripoff, because the government does not require a fee for you to get your benefits.

Another ripoff is when someone calls up a veteran and says they need to verify information, including Social Security number and date of birth to verify their benefits. In this case, it is an identify theft ripoff designed to get credit in the veteran's name.

Finally, some ripoff artists claim they can offer jobs for veterans in exchange for a fee. This is always a ripoff. Real jobs do not require payment upfront!

The bottom line is that you should only get benefits from the VA office. Anyone else who pretends to want to help you is probably a ripoff artist.

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